Museum Management Services

Museum Services

From ticketing services to museum itineraries

Since the 1stof August, 1997, the cooperative manages the Custody, Guided Tours and Ticket office ofSt. Augustine church that was opened to the public after nearly twenty years of closure.From July 1998 to December 2001 the cooperative has signed an agreement with the Parish of SaintMaurice in the Holy Spirit, for the valorization of the Santo Spirito church, that is no longer a place ofworship. Since the 1stof January 2000, Siena Viva provides ticket office, custody and reception staff forthe Siena Cathedral buildings complex (OPA).

Since 2004, the Cooperative manages the ticket office, custody and reception services for the CollegiateChurch of San Gimignano, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Basilica.

The Cooperative, additionally makes proposals to various Entities and Institutions in the form of museumitineraries and didactice, guided tours, ticket office management and tourist-cultural information services.

Museum Itineraries Projects

We create entire museum itineraries.

Inventory and Cataloging

In Museums and Religious Institutions
we can list and catalogue all books, artists and ecclesiastics.

Guided Tours

we create and organize guided tours in the museums.


We manage the ticketing services within the museum.

Surveillance, bookshop and cleaning services

Siena Viva manages surveillance services, bookshops and cleaning related to museum facilities.