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Since 1997 Services for the Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Siena Viva is a cooperative in service since 1997. Our primary goal is to create work opportunities for our members, numbering 60 plus. We provide services for the protection and enhancement of the historical, artistic, ecclesiastical and cultural heritage of Siena and province. Siena Viva supports your organization assisting with services and communication management.

Museum Management

Siena Viva offers service to companies and institutions that need to organize events an historical-artistic and touristic content.


Competence, creativity and sharing : these are the elements that characterize our didactic suggestions. We create easy and accessible tools relaying the history of Siena and its immense heritage.

Services For Events

Siena Viva offers services to companies and institutions that need to create events with an historical-artistic and/or touristic content.


Siena Viva organizes for national and international tour operators, personalized and quality tourist packages.

Workflow, our work method

Your organization, that can be either an enterprise or an institution, is the point of reference for developing projects with Siena Viva:

Objective Analysis

Project definition

phases, times and costs

Realization of the project
side by side with the staff

Periodic monitoring
of the results obtained

Periodic report to the client

Partners of Siena Viva